By Brian

June 31, 2024

Double Exposure: Capturing Two Realities


Creative smartphone photography technique that combines two separate images into a single, dreamlike photograph. By layering one image on top of another, you can create surreal scenes, abstract compositions, or even blend portraiture with landscapes.

Reflections: Finding Beauty in the Mirrored World


Reflections offer a captivating way to capture the world around you in a whole new light. Whether it's a puddle on the street, a mirrored building surface, or a calm lake reflecting the sky, reflections can add depth, symmetry, and intrigue to your smartphone photos.

Light Painting: Painting with Light in the Dark


Light Painting is a magical technique that involves capturing the movement of light in a long exposure photograph. Using a flashlight, sparklers, or other light sources, you can "paint" in the air, creating mesmerizing trails and abstract shapes.

Create Double Exposure, Reflections, Light Painting and 10 More Shots Using Phone Camera

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