DJI Launches a Powerful Delivery Drone: 5 Features

By Brian

January 30, 2024

Cargo Transportation


With a max payload of 30 kg, a delivery range of 16 km, and a max speed of 20 m/s, the Flycart 30 can handle large and fast deliveries even in remote locations.

Harsh Environments


The Flycart 30 can withstand extreme weather conditions and handle difficult operations, making it suitable for delivering to harsh environments.

Two Payload Configs


Cargo mode is for carrying general cargo, while winch mode is for lowering payloads to the ground without needing a landing site.

Safe and Accurate Delivery


The Flycart 30 features a spacious cargo case to prevent overloading, a winch system for precise payload lowering, and an intelligent system to counteract payload swinging.

Clear and stable communication


The 20 km DJI 03 transmission system, 4G enhanced transmission, and FPV gimbal camera ensure clear and stable live feeds even in challenging operational scenarios.