By Brian

CATL Unveils Long-Range EV Battery That Drives 1,000 Kilometers on a Charge


Chinese battery giant CATL has introduced a new LFP battery technology for electric vehicles. This innovation extends driving range to over 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) on a single charge, significantly reducing range anxiety for EV owners.

Enabling 1000 KM Range


The new battery, called Shenxing PLUS, surpasses existing LFP batteries by a significant margin.  LFP batteries are known for their environmental benefits compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries used in most EVs.

Shenxing PLUS: The World's First Long-Range LFP Battery


CATL's current-generation Shenxing battery offers a 700 km range and equips four car models.  With the extended range of Shenxing PLUS, over 50 new car models are expected to adopt this technology by the end of 2024.

Extended Range, Wider Adoption


CATL is the world's largest EV battery manufacturer and a key player in the global shift towards electric vehicles. CATL's innovation demonstrates significant progress in EV battery technology.

CATL's Advantage in EV Battery Race


CATL's Shenxing PLUS solidifies their position at the forefront of EV battery development. With longer range, eco-friendly materials, and wider adoption, this development paves the way for a future where electric vehicles are not only environmentally responsible but also address a major concern for drivers: range anxiety.

EV Batteries: Clean, Powerful, and Going the Distance