By Brian

World's First Nuclear Battery Will Last for 50 Years, Could Power Phones and Drones

Chinese startup Betavolt unveils world's first miniaturized atomic battery. It could power Phones, Drones, Medical Devices and many other Electronics devices which depends on batteries.

Nuclear Breakthrough: Battery Lasts 50 Years

Betavolt's innovative battery uses nickel-63 isotopes to generate electricity for an incredible 50 years. This eliminates the need for constant charging and maintenance, making it ideal for long-term applications.

Betavolt Innovation for long term use

Despite its compact, coin-sized design, Betavolt's battery packs a punch. The current model produces 100 microwatts, but the company aims to create a 1-watt version by 2025. By connecting multiple batteries, even higher power outputs are achievable.

Tiny Battery, Big Potential

Betavolt envisions a future powered by their nuclear batteries. From powering pacemakers to enabling drones for extended flight, the possibilities are vast. The battery's safety features, including a layered design to prevent fire and explosion, make it suitable for diverse applications.


Beyond its functionality, Betavolt's battery boasts eco-friendly credentials. The used isotopes decay into stable, non-radioactive copper, eliminating environmental risks. This innovation paves the way for a cleaner and more sustainable energy future.

Ensuring Sustainable Future